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How quick can we start ? 

Demolition services work handled to City, State & Federal codes .

DEMOLITION MAN can start on your garage demolition  almost  same day in most cases or with in 24-48 hrs if the site needs to have site prep work for your garage removal  prior to demo starting .

• If Permit Required from the City code requirements then that will be a day or so delay  Read below permit requirements.

DEMOLITION MAN work scope :

• DEMOLITION MAN  recycles all of the dismantled & cleaning up materials . 

1)  Garage  demolition structure only takes 1 day .

2) if concrete to be removed add extra day & allow a few days scheduling heavy equipment.

3) if concrete pad & footing removed extra cost may apply for dirt back fill . 

4) contents inside garage can be removed by demolition man team members at added cost .

5) Unforeseen conditions may apply if more then 2 layers of shingles? Or double wood walls or ceilings , or insulation in walls , When demo starts extra cost may apply a text be sent to owner to make aware and photo to confirm .

6) Distance from structure being demolition to dumpster or truck depending on distance there may be a charge if unable to back up to structure with in 10-15 ft close .

7) Garage falling unsafe - Additional cost may apply to handle structure per OSHA safty requirements the site may need additional shoring do to materials need to be installed and dismantled when complete .  

8) dismantled demolition materials will be loaded up into truck or dumpster .

9) Grass will be raked  clean from all debris 

10) magnet will be walked around complete site picking up nails . 

11) Cement slab if stayed will be compete swept off spotless .

12) steel bolt for mounting old garage to concrete pad bolts will be cut off flush with concrete .

13) walk site with owner for final approval satisfaction of 110%

14) servicing Michigan areas, Oakland charter township, Plymouth charter Township, + Michigan - Martin

City permit requirements (requirements may vary per city).

1) City has a demolition application required to be filled out turned in to city office either by Home owner or licensed Demolition Contractor.  Application can be found online for that city or go to city office Building department pick up permit paper work .

2) Electrical Disconnected cert required to give to City when getting permit  what this means is if you have Electrical going into garage hire a licensed Electrician to disconnect service to garage have the  license electrician write you a receipt that Electrical has been terminated at garage Then give that receipt to city building department when getting permit .

3) Client to pay for all City costs & bonds all will vary depends on each Building department for Demolition permit  So if you like to have an idea of these fees call city building dept .

4) Bonds paid by the property owner to city are  always  return to property owner after projects completed approved by city .

5)  when Demolition Man pulls permit at the city we charge a fee .

6) Once demolition permit picked up from city its required to be put on front window or door for the building department to see when they come over for the inspections . 

7) City Building inspection required look at top of permit requested city has inspections listed .

Get your project bid fast !! DEMOLITION MAN calls it a “PRE-TEXT BID”

1- Save to your phone : DEMOLITION MAN Co,

contact : RICH “DEMO MAN” NEFF 

2- direct cell : 586-943-6373. Available 24/7 call or text .

3- text ur full name , address & 

 text pictures of your job to the cell number .

4- RICH “DEMO MAN” NEFF will send you pre-text bid price for your project .

5- You like bid , text back your full name , Date , Approve.

6- DEMOLITION MAN will schedule your project ASAP for you with in 24-48- 72 hrs what’s the best for you .


• NOW that was so easy !! All in a few min !! 

• This is why DEMOLITION MAN is a 

65 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Reviews & 5.0 Rated Services 

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